Welcome to the 2014 SWFBUD Bicycle Bash -- Nov 6 10am-4pm at Flatwoods Park

The 7th Annual Bicycle Bash in downtown Tampa is all about celebrating bicycling in the Tampa Bay area. The Bicycle Bash invites bicyclists of all stripes, backgrounds, ages and interests to come to beautiful Cotanchobee Park on Tampa's waterfront to visit the bike shops, check out the vendors, bike the Riverwalk, and enjoy all things bicycling. See you APRIL 6 at the Bike Bash!

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Bring Your Old Used Bikes To Donate at the Bash

Some fun updates -- Mike Olsen of God's Pedal Power will be collecting old used bicycles as part of his group's efforts to fix them up and give them to people in need of a bicycle. Come by and drop off your old used bike at Mike's tent.

It's cool when your banker says he's a bicyclist and says he plans to stop by the Bicycle Bash Sunday in downtown Tampa. Wes Hammer will be doing his Davis Islands ride, then swinging by Cotanchobee Park in downtown Tampa to catch the Bash from 10 am to 4 pm. See you there Wes.

See Mayor Bob Buckhorn of Tampa on a bicycle. And riding it, too. Bob will join Andy Clarke of the LKeague of American Bicyclists and others on a short urban ride through downtown and back to the park at 11 am.

Thank you Danielle O'Conner for heading up the efforts to decorate kids bikes and helmets in the Kids Zone at the Bash. we'll have a fun parade of kids bikes along Riverwalk at 2 PM.

We have amazing eats and rinks -- powerhouses Columbia Cafe and Cigar City will be serving their delicious food and beer.

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Perfect Weather for Sunday's Bicycle Bash

Sunday's weather for the Bicycle Bash in downtown Tampa looks exquisite -- High of 80 degrees, sunshine and zero chance of rain! Special thanks goes to Jim James E Shirk whose work on the Bash is making this annual bicycle advocacy event possible. To my bicyclist friends in Pinellas, please come and enjoy the bike stores of SWFBUD, a short, easy bike ride with Mayor Bob Buckhorn, Columbia Cafe foo
d, free bike helmets courtesy of the Hillsborough County sheriff's office, bicycle legal advice from Steele Olmstead, Cigar City beer, chats with national bike advocacy leaders like Andy Clarke of the League of American Bicyclists, a swap meet and free raffle for free bike goodies. And don't forget the first-ever Tampa Bay Bicycle Summit the next day on Monday Nov 5 from 1-4PM at the History Center. More info here --www.bicyclebash.info

You want to turn around Tampa and make it into a bicycle town where bicycling is both safe and enjoyable? Then get involved. See you at the Bash and stop by the SWFBUD table to say hi.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Bicycle Bash/Social Gathering/Bike Summit Schedule -- Nov 4 and 5

Bicycle Bash Schedule

Sunday NOV 4    10 am to 4 pm  Cotanchobee Park, Old Water Street in Downtown Tampa

10 am -- Start of Bicycle Bash
10:30am -- Group stretch
11am -- Mayor Bob Buckhorn bicycle ride
12 noon -- SWFBUDDY Awards
2 pm -- Kids bikes along Riverwalk
3 pm -- Free gear raffle
4 pm -- Bike Bash ends

Activities -- swap meet, demos, Columbia Cafe food, Cigar City beer, music, bring old used bikes to donate to God's Pedal Power

Sunday NOV 4   7 pm to 9 pm   Independent Bar, 5016 Florida Ave. in Seminole Heights

Meet and greet Andy Clarke, president of the League of American Bicyclists; and Tim Bustos, executive director of the Florida Bicycle association

Monday NOV 5   1 pm to 4 pm    Tampa Bay History Center   Downtown Tampa

"The Big Turnaround: Bridging the Divide to Becoming a Great Bicycle Town"


Andy Clarke, League of American Bicyclists president -- What makes a great bike town?
Rick Baker, former mayor of St. Petersburg -- Why should an elected official invest in bicycling?
Cheryl Stacks, St. Petersburg bike-ped coordinator -- How do you keep bicycle projects rolling?
Jean Duncan, Tampa transportation director -- How does Tampa turn things around?
Tim Bustos, Florida Bicycle Association executive director -- How do we bridge the hopes of advocates with the goals of public officials?

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Bicycle Bash Banners Are Going Up Around Tampa Bay

SWFBUD thanks the Hillsborough County parks guys at Flatwoods Park and Tina Russo at the Suncoast Trail for hanging Bicycle Bash banners promoting the NOV 4 bicycle festival in downtown Tampa. There are also two other Bicycle Bash banners hanging in Pinellas County -- email me with the locations of the other two Bicycle Bash banners and the first three people with the correct locations will get a free Polar Bottle at the Bash. Good luck!

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Bicycle Bash banner Goes Up For NOV 4 Event

The first Bicycle Bash banner went up this week. It's hanging at Flatwoods Park -- a popular place for bicyclists. This year's Bicycle Bash festival is in downtown Tampa behind the Forum in Cotanchobee Park.

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Tampa Mayor Bob Buckhorn to Lead Bike Ride During Bicycle Bash NOV 4 in Downtown Tampa

This just in: Tampa Mayor Bob Buckhorn will lead a bike ride at 11 am at the NOV 4 Bicycle Bash in downtown Tampa.  Here's Mayor Bob inviting you to come to the Bash at beautiful Contanchobee Park along Riverwalk, next to the History Center and Columbia Cafe: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mr0sn5S3AxY&feature=share

Thank you Siobhan H. in the mayor's office.